The shock message came by letter – so you can save

Not only are gasoline and diesel prices soaring, the price of electricity is also exploding. Various low-cost providers who have advertised and received new customers with great offers and discounts in recent years are massively increasing prices. If you want to save, you have to react now. You shouldn’t fall for the next best offer, but look elsewhere.

Electricity price increase by almost 40 percent comes by letter

My colleague was amazed when the letter from the electricity provider fluttered into the house. The labor price per kWh was increased from a normal 28.41 cents to an incredible 39.10 cents. He would now have to pay almost 550 euros more per year than was previously the case. An absolute shock that immediately resulted in the fact that we looked around for cheap alternatives. But wait, not so fast.

The business model of many low-cost electricity providers is based on premiums and electricity purchased at short notice. the However, prices on the electricity exchange are currently explodingso that hardly any low-cost provider can keep the price. T-Online has just reported that a first provider had to file for bankruptcy because of this price explosion on the market. It didn’t even happen that the prices for customers were increased, rather the entire business model collapsed.

So if you are getting a letter from your energy provider, you should get in touch do not rush into the next adventure with a low-cost provider. The 12 or 24 month fixed prices guaranteed there are usually no longer realistic. Even if you signed such a contract, it doesn’t mean that the company will survive. If the price continues to rise, that is simply unrealistic.

When buying new devices, pay attention to the energy label to save electricity. in the Video we explain everything to you:

Basic providers are currently even cheaper than low-cost providers

If you take a look at the relevant price comparison portals, you will be overwhelmed with great offers. If you want to buy there, you should choose well-known companies and not cheap providers. But also that A look at the basic provider should be worthwhile. In my case, the basic supplier is currently cheaper than all other electricity providers on the market – even with discounts and any special offers.

My basic provider is cheaper than any offer in the price comparison. (Image: GIGA)

The basic providers are not directly affected by short-term increases because they have long-term contracts. Of course, the price could rise there in the years to come. But if you are suddenly confronted with such a high price increase, you should look to larger providers instead of the cheap ones. I stay with the basic provider and my colleague is now also switching to his.

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