The set of smart spotlights LIVARNOLUX from LIDL will please

The popularity of smart homes as well as spotlights is still growing and the retail chain LIDL he is well aware of that. That is also why the offer of his e-shop is constantly expanding in this respect and it is definitely something to lose. Set of LIVARNOLUX smart spotlights from LIDL because it attracts not only pricebut i design.

You will find a total of three spotlights in the package of this set LIVARNOLUX Zigbee 3.0 Smart Home for use in the interior. Their control is ensured via application on your phone or by voice. However, commands can only be entered via Google Assistant, which does not support Czech. The dimming of the lights can then also be controlled remote control. The manufacturer states the service life of this lighting approximately 30,000 hours. The luminaires use a socket to connect GU10.

What is Zigbee 3.0?

Zigbee 3.0 is a wireless technology that resembles Bluetooth in phones. Thanks to it, we can remotely control individual devices of a smart home – switching on / off / brightness / color of lights or switching on and off other appliances. The Zigbee 3.0 communication unit connects all compatible devices in a smart home (even from other manufacturers), which can be up to 75 meters apart.

There are two designs to choose from, the classic one white or shiny chrome. These luminaires need to be owned for proper operation Zigbee 3.0 central unit, which is sold separately in LIDL for the price of 699 CZK. However, once in a while LIDL will reduce the price tag to pleasant 599Kč. The LIVARNOLUX Zigbee 3.0 Smart Home set of smart spotlights is then available for 799Kč.

According to what parameters do you choose products for the smart home?

Source: LIDL

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