The self-healing glass for smartphones can be very close

The display, which we do not have to overprotect and does not mind falling to the ground or scratches from keys. This is probably the dream of many of us.

So far, it is rather the opposite. Although manufacturers come up with some new features in the field of safety glasses and materials every year, we still have to be quite careful about how we handle our smartphone.

Protective glasses and cases have become mandatory equipment, and quite rightly so. It is a small investment that provides a huge degree of protection. However, the situation could improve significantly in the future.

Ideal material for smartphones

The GizChina portal drew attention to the interesting results of researchers from India. Scientists at the Indian Institute of Scientific Education and Research in Kolkata have created material that could be used in the form of self-healing glass for smartphones.

It is basically a transparent hard glass, which thanks to its material properties can heal cracks and scratches. It should all be based on a piezoelectric organic material with the ability to convert mechanical energy to kinetic and vice versa. At the same time, small crystals are to form, which, so to speak, fill any cracks or damage.

We live up to expectations

At first glance, it looks perfect. But even in this case, initial expectations need to be met. The mentioned “self-regenerative abilities” can only deal with very small cracks.

That’s still pretty cool. A much bigger problem is that the researchers do not specify any specific date when the material could be used.

And when we remember how many similar groundbreaking discoveries have been without real results in recent years, it doesn’t sound so great. One can only hope that this time it will not be left with promises and theorizing. It will not be the computer until the first smartphones equipped with this technology arrive on the market.

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