The security of iOS soon weakened in Australia?

The Australia is a land of contrast for Apple. The country is certainly the third market share for the iPhone (37%), neck to neck with the US market (2nd), but it is also one of the regions of the world where Apple struggles to advance some of his services (like Apple Pay, blocked by Australian banks); recently, it is the encryption of iOS that could be widely questioned by a law “security” that has just been voted. According to the terms of this new law, which does not only concern Apple, justice must be able to access private digital data (including encrypted data) when investigating certain categories of crimes (those who cause national security, hostages, etc.).

A simple judicial warrant is now sufficient to “open the floodgates” and the law even provides for the possibility of recovering these data without the knowledge of the user suspected of this or that crime. Beyond Apple’s position on respect for privacy, the Australian law poses a double technical constraint for Apple; the end-to-end encryption implemented on iOS does not allow Apple to retrieve certain information, without even mentioning the technical impossibility of reading this information remotely without the user being able to aware. Suffice to say that without expressing it explicitly, Australian MPs are actually asking Apple to develop a fully modified and armored version of iOS backdoors, so as to allow both data recovery and remote espionage … In view of what s has gone to the United States (FBI vs Apple), it does not say that Apple remains there …

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