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During yesterday, we informed you that the respected magazine Deadline brought information about a possible serial adaptation of Mass Effect. The agreement should soon be concluded with Amazon, which is preparing, for example, a series based on The Lord of the Rings, which automatically returned to the game even the older speculation that something actor Henry Cavill could also be involved in connection with the Mass Effect. But no matter how the project ends up, the former screenwriter from BioWare, who worked on Mass Effect or Dragon Age himself, is not enthusiastic about this idea and warns that the authors of the series will significantly divide the fan base. All it takes is an initial decision on whether Shepard will be a man or a woman, and the community will immediately split into two groups, which can be further broken by partial decisions about the supporting characters or the development of the story that the player had in his hands in the video game.

“For starters, Mass Effect and Dragon Age have a main character that the player creates for himself. This means that the TV show will have to choose whether the hero will be a man or a woman. Boom, you made enemies of a lot of fans who had hopes right from the start [zrovna na to pohlaví hlavního hrdiny, se kterým hráli hru], ”Says screenwriter David Gaider for British Eurogamer. “Second, these protagonists are designed to be an undescribed table that the player completes with their decisions,” Gaider said of the difference between a video game and a series that represents only one single vision of the authors. “Suddenly, the protagonist gets an assigned personality and with it a story, which would be strange,” adds the screenwriter. Of course, this should also apply to what should take place in the series, because both of these games from BioWare were waiting for the player’s decision, which came on the basis of emotion or judgment, and the game could largely go in the direction that the player seemed. pleasant.

“Take all this out, get rid of most of the companions, and you will potentially have a fairly ordinary fantasy or sci-fi show, where a lot of viewers may turn into outraged dissidents before the release,” Gaider warns, and doesn’t really seem to see the series. according to Mass Effect as feasible. The last big problem may be the need to introduce the world to those who have not yet come into contact with it through the game, and according to the screenwriter, this is again just another thing that rock fans do not like. Not for nothing does he find the unconfirmed plans embarrassing and skeptical fans accusing him.

However, it must be added – beyond the fact that the series does not have to be created at all – that the result does not have to be a direct adaptation of the story from the games. The Mass Effect universe is vast, featuring a wide range of characters and races, in many places giving players a glimpse into the distant past and providing a plethora of places that can be created into a series without the above risks. Life on the Citadel? Exploring the Reapers? Or just soap operas about supporting characters that solve mating problems between Krogans and Salarians? There is really a lot to choose from and not everything has to strictly copy the well-known line. After all, it wouldn’t be surprising if the authors of the series were, of course, aware of all the risks told by Gaider and for that very reason they were heading to other parts of the universe, but all this remains speculation, at least for the time being.

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