The Redmi K40 offers the Snapdragon 888 and half the price of the Galaxy S21

The product director of the Redmi brand revealed how he wants to endanger the established competition with the new top model. The price of the Redmi K40 is supposed to be even half the competition’s flagship. What else did we learn about the Redmi K40 equipment and when will it come on the market?

This year is marked by the early arrival of a new generation of flagships. Standing water from established manufacturers is about to stir up Redmi with the K40 model. The company’s product director revealed that the price of the Redmi K40 will be half the expected Samsung Galaxy S21. The phone should still offer top equipment, including the best Snapdragon 888. The phone should further excel thanks “The most expensive flat screen”. It’s hard to say exactly what to imagine under that. Probably the product director of the brand refers here to the fact that the display in the Redmi K40 will be the absolute top among the inflexible phones.

We also learned about the presence from other parameters 4,000mAh battery. We already know from earlier rumors that the Redmi K40 should be equipped with a 120Hz display. Further rumors speak of a wire charging speed 33W, four cameras on the back of the phone and the presence 3.5mm audio jack. The phone should cost about 10,000 CZK on the Chinese market. We will have to wait for the price of the Redmi K40 with us, but everything looks very promising. The official introduction of the phone should take place next month.

Which flagship are you most looking forward to this year?

Source: phonearena

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