The rebirth of a Mac classic: here you go, Apple!

The matter is secured. In the next few months, Apple wants to revive the design of a former Mac classic. Just how exactly? This is not yet known. But if we could wish for something … we already have an idea.

When Apple packs its in-house chips into the future Mac Pro in the next few months, a new design is likely to come. As early as January, the experts at Bloomberg reported Apple’s secret plans. According to them, apart from the current tower model, an earlier, iconic shape could celebrate a rebirth.

Apple plans to reincarnate the Mac Cube

To anticipate it: Apple wants to resurrect the Power Mac G4 Cube, at least the new Mac Pro should quote the former classic from 2000 perfectly. Just how exactly Apple wants to do this remains a secret, of course.

Image: Benjamin Chasseur

Until the premiere sometime in the year 2022 so there is still time to use your own imagination. Or you can enjoy handsome designs by various designers. Today we take a look at the concept of the Belgian Benjamin Chasseur. He was already enthusiastic about the design of the “Apple Cube” 20 years ago and would be very happy about a return of the classic.

Image: Benjamin Chasseur

Be “Mac Pro Cube” borrows from both the current Mac Pro and the old G4 Cube. The material and ventilation holes are known from the current model, the basic shape from the classic.

Image: Benjamin Chasseur

Especially funny that one central “handle”. Strangely enough, it alludes to a hidden feature of the old cube. It also had a retractable “handle” on the underside with which you could pull the core of the computer from the case and thus access the inside. In the reinterpretation, the handle is probably only used for transport and aesthetics.

In summer 2000 the time had come and the Cube saw the light of day:

Please rebuild!

GIGA says: That’s exactly how we want the cube to be reborn. So Apple doesn’t have to “design around” for a long time, but can take this design straight away. Maybe then things will go faster with development and we don’t have to wait until next year.

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