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So far, we have dedicated three articles on Vortex to the upcoming MMO New World from developers from Orange County and Amazon, which clearly illustrate how many problems the game had to go through. All three report on the delays – the first from last May to August, the second from August to the beginning of this year and finally the last to August 31, 2021. However, the delays were not the only thing the community complained about, because the closed rounds of alphatests revealed that a number of promised mechanisms do not work and players have complained greatly about the lack of interest in PvE fights and missions in contrast to the absence of direct PvP, which New World boasted about at the beginning of its journey to release. There was no content, there were no cities of NPCs, it doesn’t look good with the possibility of fights for cities that players can build and if it weren’t for the regular publication of developer diaries, nervousness could probably be cut. However, the developers are determined and will launch a closed beta version today at 6.30 pm, which will run until August 2.

“As we prepare to launch the game, we look forward to the first players to arrive on the shores of Aeternum Island during a closed beta test. We are excited to share with you all the new features and content we added to the game last summer during the preview event, ”say the developers at the beginning of their message. They list that for many players, news will be new territories, expeditions, weapons, lots of new missions, adventures and activities that players can encounter anywhere. Players from North America, Brazil, Australia and Europe can enter the beta, but they must meet one of the set conditions. The easiest way is through pre-ordering the game on Steam or Amazon, but if you do not want to subscribe to anything in advance, you can also try the classic registration of your account on the game site, from where developers will randomly select additional participants at regular intervals during the test.

As for the game itself, the developers do not talk about any restrictions that should apply to the beta test. However, they warned that it would not be possible to transfer the progress of the game to the full version, so – we are guessing – they are not too afraid if someone encountered an exploit or any mistake and got their character to too high a level of unexpected speed or accumulated so much wealth to cause an imbalance in the gaming economy. The PvP fights mentioned in the introduction will also be too uncontrolled, which will take place only in the face of those who do not decide to enter safe mode and do not participate in fights between players at all. It is still a relatively loud point of criticism, and players are calling for developers to consider pure PvP servers, especially given the story of the game and the concept in which players form groups and fight against each other in the mid-17th century to occupy a fictional country modeled. according to colonial America.

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