The price of the new Galaxy A52 5G is running out. Will it kill an otherwise interesting phone?

Most of the information about the Galaxy A52 5G is already known and the only thing that was expected was the price. A few days ago, one of YouTubers filmed a relatively detailed unboxing, in which he also set up the phone, tested the camera and played games.

The price of the Galaxy A52 5G is missing

According to the latest information, the phone should be officially unveiled on March 17 next to the Galaxy A72. However, in one of the Polish e-shops, a price that is higher than originally expected was also revealed prematurely. However, the Polish seller has already managed to remove it. Price for 6/128 GB version was determined to 1,900 zlotys, which is about 10,800 crowns. That’s honestly quite enough, considering that the Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20 FE is a few thousand times more expensive.

The seller confirmed the specifications, but they have been out for several days. So the phone will offer 6.5 ″ Super AMOLED display with 120 Hz frequency.64 MPx main + 8 MPx ultra wide + 5 MPx macro cameras or Snapdragon 750G chipset. Battery life takes care of 4,500 mAh battery. The South Korean giant is also expected to introduce a 4G variant in which it will tick Snapdragon 720G, otherwise the specifications will be the same.

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