The PostNL app now lets you find PostNL points faster in the app

In the PostNL application you can now search even faster for a letterbox or a parcel point. A new update for this brings this new feature.

PostNL location in app

A new update is being provided for the PostNL app. With the latest version of the application you can now search for a PostNL point even faster. Think of a parcel point, a letterbox or a machine. The previous versions of the PostNL app already offered this option, but that did not work very well. You first had to be forwarded from the app to the (mobile) website of PostNL.

The new update lets you look it up directly in the app itself. To do this, go to ‘Service’ at the bottom of the screen. Then a map will open and you can zoom in or enter a location. You will then see the orange icons that indicate where a location is located.


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