The popular Xiaomi POCO X3 will soon have a Pro version. It has to fill the gap

One of the most popular phones today, the cheap and decently equipped POCO X3, will soon be added to the Pro variant. I agree FCC certification documents, in which the IMEI designation leading to the full name Xiaomi POCO X3 Pro appears for the first time. So far, the phone was basically unknown, though a slight hint took place. The head of POCO India mentioned in one of the recent interviews that the expected F2 model will not get the Snapdragon 732G chipset, but that the performance and price gap between the F and X series will soon be filled by a new device. Probably just referring to improved X3 model.

FCC certification has also made sure that we can already connect the Xiaomi POCO X3 Pro most likely with several basic parameters. Thanks to the identical code designation M2102J20SG from other certifications. For example, we know that it will be a 4G phone with dual WiFi, NFC and MIUI 12 system. We have to wait for more interesting specifications. It probably won’t take long for the X3 Pro to arrive in February. That is, a year after the X2 model.

How do you perceive the Xiaomi POCO brand?

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