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The Pathless –

In the role of a hunter with a bow that leads you through a faithful hawk you go to an island overgrown with a magical forest. The Pathless world encompasses the darkness that you will have to get rid of by solving riddles even in epic battles against the forces of evil. The fate of the others is in your hands, and the hawk in your clutches.

With his hawkish companion, you have to gradually bend a strong bond, much as in the Shadow of the Colossus the main hero has gradually tame his mare. Although you are a hunter, you have to be careful in the forests of the cursed island to not become a hunter.

Háje hidden in a blanket of impenetrable mist many mysteries and ruins full of puzzles, as well as mythical enemies, such as fiery eight-eyed deer stacks. The stronger the bond you will have with your hawk, the more you will be able to save the world together

So, in The Pathless, you have no low goals. A new game by Giant Squid, made up of a team of meditative Journey creators who jointly produced underground Abzou in the past, will be released next year on the PlayStation 4 and the recently opened Epic Games

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