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The Outer Worlds

About Obsidian Entertainment is this year. From his office, he launched the spectacular Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire RPG, then was bought by Microsoft and now announced his latest title The Outer Worlds. He does not dare inspiration with a great cut of Fallout: New Vegas with the addition of Bioshock, Firefly and others.

The Outer Worlds, as the name suggests, will take you to the very edge of our galaxy, to the farthest human colony Halcyon. From here, you’ll see colonists, enemy creatures, and even friends who can join you and help you with the tricky task of rescuing the entire colony.

With comrades who are computer control because The Outer Worlds is a purely single-player RPG, you jump into the boat and set off exploring various estates, space stations and other areas in the Halcyon Colony. There are at least two planets here, and even if no one has said it, it looks like the game will not add you to just one world. But you do not expect another No Man’s Sky

Your companions have unique abilities, own missions, various motivations to fight, and ideas on how to deal with problems. The Outer Worlds is drawn forward with a story, which is not surprising in the Obsidian portfolio. You can see a system of neutral dialogs on one of the images, a better option if you have one of the skills at the desired level, and there is the chance to end the whole conversation by calling a fight

So here we have space travel, RPG elements with a skill tree, close-range and remote weapons, enticing audiovisual (the great The Passenger by Iggy Pop) and another interesting system that has not yet been the case – defects

The game will track your actions and evaluate it adequately. That’s why she is interested mainly in what you are not good at. If you often attack Raptidoni and give you smoke, then you will get Raptifobia, which makes you even worse with them. (19459004]

What we will be talking about. It sounds great and will surely please the date of release, which is set for the next year. Interestingly, the Take-Two Private Division, which is set up last year for the release of the game, aims to publish not just the full-length AAA titles (19459004)

The Outer Worlds has been developing for a few years due to the release date, and Microsoft has had to swallow Obsidian because the studio is releasing a new game next year with a Private Division publisher with nothing to do with it. Employing a studio that is going to go on for a few months for a game where you do not have the biggest money is an interesting, essentially, welcome step. But you can assume that part of the studio is already working on another project directly for Microsoft

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