The operator accidentally revealed the European price of the Samsung Galaxy S21

Introducing new phones is usually just a formality, because most things are known in advance due to leaks. One of the few surprises is always associated with the price itself, which is usually only estimated in advance. It was no different now with the Galaxy S21 series. The price of the phones has so far only been speculated and it has been said that it will be lower than what we could see a year ago at the Galaxy S20. The Belgian operator Voo accidentally published the product pages of the news, and thanks to that we already know the European award Samsung Galaxy S21.

The price of the new Galaxy phones will be lower. The exception is the Ultra version

In addition to the price, the operator also published photos and parameters of all phones. These coincide in almost everything with what we have seen in earlier escapes. The only difference is with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, where the Voo operator basically listed only 8GB of RAM. However, several earlier sources say that the Ultra version will have 12GB of RAM. We are also leaning towards this in the editorial office, after all, the Galaxy S20 Ultra had just 12GB of RAM last year.

Earlier reports of lower prices will probably be only partially true. The Samsung Galaxy S21 has to sell for 849 euros. This is 50 euros less than the basic Galaxy S20 variant in the 4G variant. However, new versions of Samsung phones will only be available in the 5G variant, and if we compare it with the Galaxy S20 5G, the price is 150 euros lower.

For the Samsung Galaxy S21 + we would in Europe they had to pay 1049 euros, which is 50 euros more than for the 4G variant of the Galaxy S20 +, but also 50 euros less than for the 5G variant of the S20 +. Even with this phone, we will save, although not as much as with the smaller version. Then there’s the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra where the operator showed a price of 1399 euros, which is 50 euros more than in the case of the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The price was reduced the most compared to previous models for the Galaxy S21, a lower price is expected for the Galaxy S21 + and, conversely, the Galaxy S21 Ultra version will be slightly more expensive.

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