The OnePlus 9RT gets an extremely responsive display

Yesterday, we wrote to you about unconfirmed information about the upcoming OnePlus 9RT, and in the meantime the company has officially confirmed that it will present the phone on October 13 at its press conference in China. So we’ve already confirmed some key features for you, and now we’re coming up with another one that may be the most interesting of all.

A teaser has been published on the Weibo social network, which attracts 600Hz sampling frequency display. In addition, it should have support for extremely low latency, which will put together a very interesting combo that will be interesting for players. However, it is not yet clear whether this frequency will be available in the system or only when playing games. When we recently reviewed the Xiaomi 11T Pro with 480Hz sampling frequency for you, we praised the quick response and smoothness of the whole phone. So here we can look forward to an even higher value and we are curious how the first reviewers will evaluate this feature.

As for the other specifications, it should be about Samsung E4 panel with a 120Hz refresh rate and a size of 6.55 inches. The phone should also be unique in another key aspect. OnePlus claims that the phone will have the greatest cooling of all, which will go hand in hand with the powerful Snapdragonem 888.

What is the sampling frequency of your phone?


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