The official announcement is only a matter of time

Rumors about the electric car apparently planned by Apple have been increasing for weeks. But from the official side, the iPhone manufacturer has not announced anything – as so often in the past. But that could change soon.

Apple Car: The next few weeks and months will be exciting

Many well-known automakers have recently made the rounds in the rumor mill about the Apple Car – and have also withdrawn. An expert now expects the official announcement from Apple to be due soon.

Daniel Ives, well-known American financial analyst and Expert in the tech industry, interprets the seething rumor mill as follows: Apple is apparently in a lively group of acquaintances, literally a “dating game” should have been mentioned. That is Part of the tech group’s strategyAccording to the financial expert, according to AppleInsider, in a brief to investors.

Now the only question is when, not whether the Apple Car will come. With a probability of 85 percent, Apple will in the next 3 to 6 months make its plans for an electric car partnership official. “We still firmly believe that Apple will ultimately announce a strategic electric car partnership in 2021 that will lay the foundation for entering the burgeoning electric car market,” quoted continue the Daniel Ives portal.

Common mistakes about electric cars in the video:

Apple’s e-car deal becomes a “golden partnership”

The analyst has clear favorites: Hyundai and VW are ideally suited, as both of them design their own e-cars on modular and thus easily adaptable kits. However, Hyundai has withdrawn its interest and VW is one of the few names that has not yet been traded as potential partners. Only company boss Diess recently said that he feared no competition from the apple company.

According to Ives, working with an established car manufacturer would be a “golden partnership for the next decade”. Also because of the plans of the new US President Joe Biden for a “Green Deal” Time ideal for Apple. However, the condition would be that the Apple Car be on the road by 2024.

Either way, Ives believes, there are exciting weeks ahead for friends of electric cars and Apple fans.

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