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The next expected superphone comes without a charger in the basic package

Apple started with the case of iPhones, Samsung will follow up and obviously want to add more. It’s about manufacturers’ decision not to add a charger to their phones. Chinese Xiaomi will now join the ranks, right away in the case of the new flagship mobile phone Mi 11. This was revealed directly by the head of the Lei Jun company on the Weibo social network. Published by picture A lot of flattened packaging Xiaomi Mi 11 and in an additional comment explained why it will really be without charger.

“People have a lot of unused chargers at home and that’s undesirable for them as well Environment, ”Comments the decision of the head of the popular brand. The new Xiaomi Mi 11 without a charger should be introduced in a few hours and we should also learn about it during the event options for accessing the additional charger. There is speculation that the Chinese company will provide new owners of this flagship model with vouchers to purchase it. The company should financially a more bearable strategy than competitors, which she recently criticized for omitting adapters.

How do you feel about not charging chargers for phones?

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