The new special edition of Switch has completely different colors -apkrig

While you can buy the Switch Lite or the expanding Joy-Cony in various color variations for a long time, the classic Switch is normally only sold in black and with different color controls. However, Nintendo has just unveiled a brand new edition of Mario Red & Blue. And as its name suggests, she was inspired by the mustachioed plumber and mascot of the company.

The Switch itself, the dock and the detachable Joy-Cony are as red as Mario’s cap. However, the grip for Joy-Cony and the extensions with a drawstring on the wrist have a blue color reminiscent of his overalls. In addition, this special bundle includes a themed case and a screen protector. This is another commemoration of the 35th anniversary of Super Maria.

This package will be available on February 12, the same day that Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is released, which received a new trailer today. It is an improved version of the title for the Wii U from 2013, which will bring online cooperation and support for Amiibo figures.

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