The new Nvidia Shield TV update will delight gamers in particular. Why?

The new Nvidia Shield TV update finally adds support for PS5 and Xbox Series drivers. Although it is a streaming device that is able to run various platforms from Netflix through Kodi to HBO GO, it can be used a bit like a game console. That’s why this update makes a lot of sense.

New update for Nvidia Shield TV

You could buy the Nvidia Shield TV with either a gaming gamepad or a classic controller. If you made a mistake and did not get a gamepad, you have the opportunity to fix it. You can buy your favorite driver either on the Xbox Series or Playstation 5 and control the entire system and of course the games through it. You can download them directly to your device via Google Play, but most of them are easy and mobile titles.

Thanks to the Nvidia GeForce Now service, however, Shield TV can be turned into a proper game console and the whole Cyberpunk 2077 can be played on it. Exactly our case. In addition, Shield TV now supports it the Control4 application and there are also December security patches.

How do you use Shield TV?

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