The new mini scooter even fits in the backpack

With the Blizwheel, a new e-scooter will soon be available, which primarily wants to impress with its small dimensions. When folded, the small scooter even fits in the backpack, the manufacturer promises.

Tiny e-scooter Blizwheel at Kickstarter

The crowd platform Kickstarter is currently taking care of it E-scooter in mini format for a sensation, which has a space-saving folding mechanism. Unlike other models, the small scooter takes up significantly less space and can be easily transported. When folded, the Blizwheel has dimensions of just 396 x 162.5 x 99 mm. The low weight of 3.9 kilos also ensures that the scooter can be easily carried in a backpack.

But the compact format has not just advantages. This is particularly noticeable in the scooter’s wheels, which only have a diameter of 58 mm. This is one of the reasons why the manufacturer is working on a Pro model in which the wheels should come to 82 mm. In the Pro version, however, the weight also increases to 5.4 kilos.

If the e-scooter is neither to be driven nor carried, there is a third option. Just like a trolley, the folded Blizwheel can dragged behind him will. A suitable handle was thought of (source: Kickstarter).

More about the Blizwheel in the official Video:

Blizwheel: E-scooter with a range of 14 kilometers

The manufacturer specifies the range of the e-scooter at 14 kilometers, the top speed is around 24 kilometers per hour. In Germany you are only allowed to be slightly throttled on the scooter. The engine has an output of 600 watts, no information is given about the battery.

The Blizwheel should be delivered from May 2022. For the standard variant are converted around 285 euros due, the Pro model costs 432 euros. It is not yet known whether these will also be the prices applicable for Germany. Delivery takes place worldwide.

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