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The new Medal of Honor requires 170 GB of free space »Vortex

Even after the release of Cyberpunk 2077, the world will continue to spin and the games will not stop coming out, so it is worth remembering that a new part of the Medal of Honor series will finally take place on Friday. The fact that Above & Beyond will be a title intended exclusively for virtual reality, although the expectations of many fans are slightly clouded, but there is still a long-standing legacy and developers from Respawn Entertainment, who certainly do not lack experience in shooting. However, with the release date approaching, there is some slightly worrying information about the hardware requirements, which is likely to surprise you compared to the most advanced AAA games from other developers and publishers.

The information was provided by Polygon magazine and mentions that players will have to prepare a more powerful line-up than they needed to play Half-Life: Alyx. However, in order not to strain you any longer, the minimum specifications according to Polygon include the Intel i7 9700K processor, or its equivalent from AMD. It is also necessary to have at least 16 GB of DDR4 memory and the graphics card also reports – to play the new Medal of Honor you should have at least (!) RTX 2080. But you certainly feel that such a set is not a matter of course, and an Oculus employee brought some reassurance performing at Reddit under the nickname Oculus-Mdoran.

Yes, the specifications are high, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play on less powerful hardware, just count on jams or dropped frames.

He explained that the specifications described above, which Polygon describes as minimal, are in fact the specifications recommended, and the RTX 2080 graphics card will certainly not be required to play. “I’ve received a lot of questions, so for sure – this is a recommended set. Yes, the specifications are high, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play on less powerful hardware, just count on jams or dropped frames, “adds Oculus-Mdoran. Nevertheless, he mentions that it would be appropriate for players to use an SSD, which can of course read data much faster than a standard hard drive, but this is where we encounter another problem.

No one has yet denied that the Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond will take up an incredible 177 GB on disk, but even that, according to many discussants, has its justification. The game is said to contain 45 missions, which – also due to the nature of the fighting during World War II – will take place mostly in large open spaces. There is also multiplayer with five modes, short challenge mode and even survival mode. The game will also serve to some extent as an encyclopedia or memorial book of World War II, where 360 ​​° videos are planned, which also take up a lot of space and cannot be effectively compressed. And there will probably be better sound, or faster loading of more less or no compressed content. But then comes the blow in the form of having to free up double space for installation – 340 GB – which seems unrealistic to many people with SSDs. Even here, however, Oculus-Mdoran is partially reassured that it is possible to have the game installed on another disk and just drag the almost 180GB installation to the target SSD, but it’s still a solid cat…

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