The new JOJ Šport station is also available in SWAN TV and SWAN GO

TV JOJ launched the broadcast of the new sports station JOJ Šport on Wednesday, October 6. According to the broadcaster, the station wants to focus on supporting Slovak sports and will broadcast domestic and foreign sporting events in which Slovak athletes operate. Gradually, more and more operators are including it in their offer, and now SWAN is also being added to them.

The operator will broadcast the new sports channel JOJ Šport in HD quality and will be available to customers with a prepaid basic package of TV programs SWAN TELEVISION S from 7.99 euros per month. It will also be available in the SWAN GO S program, which offers the option of watching TV on the web or on smartphones with iOS and Android, or on any TV via a set top box for 7.99 euros per month.

JOJ Sport with other operators as well

According to the SatelitnáTV portal, some other operators have also added the new station to their offers. It is currently available for Skylink, Skylink for Orange TV, freeSAT, Antik TV, Tango TV, Kuki TV, Watching TV or GeCom customers. The broadcasters will also be launched in the coming days by the operators Lepšia Káblovka, MARTICO, O2 Slovakia, Orange Slovensko, OSTV, SATRO, Slovanet, SlužbyT, Smart Comp and UPC Broadband Slovakia.

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