The need is really that great

Several EU approaches are intended to help promote the reparability of smartphones and tablets and make them more attractive to consumers. A survey by the digital association Bitkom has now found that interest has so far been subdued.

37 percent have their broken smartphone repaired

Who does not remember: a few years ago the outcry was great and numerous when smartphone manufacturers began to switch to permanently installed, glued batteries. Since then, as a layperson, you have practically no more chance of replacing individual parts – be it battery, display or other hardware components – if you give up the ghost.

And since then? We got used to it a long time ago. There are some laudable exceptions (again) such as the Fairphone 4, but the majority of consumers are no longer familiar with smartphones from the inside. This is also shown by a current survey by the digital association Bitkom, according to which 37 percent of the surveyed smartphone owners have had their device repaired before (source: Bitkom).

This refers to all possible types of repair: by the manufacturer or the dealer, at an independent workshop or on your own. Conversely, this also means that, at almost two thirds of those surveyed, the majority have never had their smartphone repaired. The proportion of those who never needed this is low: 92 percent said they had already had a defect on their device, 52 percent then bought a new one.

Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi? Anyway, repairing is too expensive

Of course, the result of the survey is influenced by the current situation, in which it is usually difficult to repair a smartphone – and it is by no means always worthwhile. 80 percent of those who decided against a repair name it high cost as the reason.

Using the example of the new energy label – im Video to see – could also target the reparability index for smartphones:

It is precisely this status quo that the planned regulations are intended to change. The introduction of a reparability index based on the French model is up for debate. Hard rules are required for manufacturers of smartphones and tablets. You should Guarantee consumers better devices.

When the time comes, it remains to be seen whether or how much this is in the interests of the customers. According to the survey, the trend can be reversed if repairs become more affordable. In return, the respondents would like tax breaks or a bonus like in Thuringia.

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