the N ° 1 app on libertine dating and swinging

We can indeed choose, without it being definitive, the types of interaction that we want. IRL meetings of course, but also exchange of photo, video, webcam plan, threesome, exhibition, 2 + 2, mixism, side-by-side, fetishism, voyeurism, etc. All forms of libertinism are present on Wyylde! But before getting to the heart of the matter, it will be necessary to draw up your portrait.

Wyylde, the social network “Hum hum”

If you are looking for a naughty meeting, whether you are a single man or a single woman, a straight couple, gay or with a bi man or bi woman, Wyylde will offer you meetings that match what you are looking for. In your profile, it is possible to put as many details as possible or to leave certain points in suspense to maintain curiosity (tattooing, piercing, experience in swingers). Beyond a site or an app, Wyylde presents itself as a “social network”, and that is surely what makes its success, we are not there to shop but to join a community.

And when bonds are formed, you can choose to welcome your contacts, to travel… or both. Even if the members of the site are very correct, you need to know where you are stepping: Wyylde is a graphically explicit site with photos and videos of people naked or doing somersaults. Yes, it’s a site where the images are raw, but that’s what we’re here for, right?

A big community

There are a lot of profiles: the site is a real success and we are counting 500,000 visitors per day and between 10,000 and 20,000 members connected at the same time. To find your future partner (s), all you have to do is choose the people selected for you on the main page. These profiles are suggested based on your distance from them and what you are looking for from each other. Like, leave a message, some kind of Facebook sex.

There is also a feature to find someone while on vacation or traveling and also a “Free on Wyylde #LSW” switch that lets your contacts notify your contacts that you are available and leaving for a good time. As with all sites of this kind, registration is free but you will need a subscription to take advantage of all the services.

Free registration and decreasing subscriptions

Wyylde offers very interesting decreasing prices since it will cost € 14.90 for a month, but the price drops to € 9.97 / month if you commit to 3 months (-34% therefore!). If you want to commit for one year, you will have to pay 79.99 € all at once, but that is the same as paying € 6.66 / month, a reduction of -56% ! Before we get there, you can register for free and test the app without having to go to the checkout.

It’s going live on Wyylde!

New for June 2021, Wyylde now offers a live video streaming feature, and therefore offers all of its members (ahem) the ability to stream live from a mobile phone. A feature full of promise that risks attracting both amateur video makers and thrill seekers, because it is obviously not about sewing or cooking, Wyylde says: “now the possibilities are endless for perform the craziest lives we’ve ever seen. Sky is the limit. “That leaves a lot of room for talent and imagination.

Registration is free and the subscription price is very advantageous …

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