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The most wanted smartphone in Germany ApkRig

Google Trends has evaluated the search queries of 2020 and found out which ones you googled a lot for. Only the iOS warehouse has been looking hard, because you won’t find Android smartphones in the top 10. The iPhone 12 even made it to the seventh place of the most searched terms in Germany.

Every year Google tells you which queries the search engine received the most. Of course, it is clear that this year the keyword Corona is at the top of this list, but the iPhone 12 is already in seventh place. No other phone was so heavily sought after this year. And with the PS5, only one other technology topic made it into the first ten terms, albeit two places below the Apple smartphone.

The iPhone 12 is worth upgrading

This year there was also good reason to look for information about the new iPhone. Because Apple has not only refreshed the design, but also given its standard model various new features. So if you’ve been wanting to switch to a new iPhone for a while, now is a good time.

The delayed presentation could also have played a role in the search volume, because for a long time it was not at all clear when the phone would be on the market. The search for leaks and rumors was particularly exciting and many users were looking forward to the official presentation.

iPhone 12 is particularly sought after in Germany

By the way, the iPhone 12 reached seventh place in the results of the German search, while globally it did not appear in the top 10 at all. In the USA, too, the iPhone 12 does not show itself in the trends, although the market share of iOS in the smartphone market is about twice as high as here. Perhaps many Android users in Germany were wondering whether the grass on the other side isn’t greener after all. The iPhone 12 mini in particular is tempting to switch, because there is currently no comparable smartphone with Android.

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