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The most expensive small whiskey bottle in the world

What would you give for a small whiskey bottle. Thousands of euros or a few tens?

Investing in whiskey is not a bad idea. You have to be patient, because whiskey often has to be stored safely for decades before you can sell it for a big profit. Then you also have to choose the right whiskey, because not every random bottle is worth gold.

When you think of a whiskey bottle, you quickly think of a decent bottle. But this is something completely different. You are looking at a small 50 ml bottle. Yet this small bottle sold for more than 7,500 euros at an online auction. wow.

This is a Springbank 50-Year-Old Campbeltown Single Malt Scotch Whisky. The contents of the bottle were distilled in 1919. That means that this whiskey is more than 100 years old!

If you convert it to milliliters, the buyer has paid almost 200 euros per milliliter for the spirits. One advantage of the small bottle. It is easy to store for investment. But also easy to lose.

The small whiskey bottle will be sent to the owner. The sending party says the bottle is not leaking. Imagine. Thousands of dollars worth of whiskey spilling out of the bottle.

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