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The most beautiful Christmas background for your Android smartphone

The Christmas holidays are starting this week and despite the lockdown, many people will want to tune in to their atmosphere. And not just Christmas decorations at home. Some will want to bring the Christmas theme to their mobile phone screens. In this article, we will show you the selection of Christmas backgrounds for your desktop or lock screen of your Android smartphone.

Background with a snowman, Santa Claus and Baby Yoda

The most traditional symbol of Christmas is certainly the snowman, which perhaps everyone has stood in their life. Christmas Eve is also associated with a character who allegedly distributes Christmas presents under the tree. In Slovakia, it was traditionally Santa Claus, but in recent years, Santa Claus has somehow become domesticated in our country. And to be a little modern, we will add a background with the currently most popular serial character.

Background with Christmas trees

Christmas is also evoked by the Christmas tree in most people. It is a traditional symbol of Christmas, which most often represents fir or spruce decorated with colorful Christmas balls, sweets, fruits, electric candles and a shining star on top of the tree. The following 15 selected backgrounds symbolize the Christmas tree and its decorations.

Background with winter landscape

For people who are already overwhelmed by the commercial abuse of the Christmas holidays, the following backgrounds depicting a winter landscape without a Christmas theme are intended. They are all without typical symbols, so you won’t find decorated Christmas trees or Santa Claus on them.

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