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We bring you the second part of our list of the most anticipated games of 2021. These are another seven titles that have a specific release date, although even in this case we can not be 100% sure. The game Outriders, which we were counting on on Monday at the beginning of February, was postponed until April, but that is simply the risk of all similar rankings and we have to reckon with. At the same time, it is not true that no other game could be released until mid-June, where the second part of our series goes, but everything in good order.

Destruction AllStars, February

The Destruction AllStars car event was originally scheduled to arrive with the PlayStation 5. The new Lucid Games studio won’t be available until February, but will be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers for two months. This is a variation on classics such as Destruction Derby or Twisted Metal, but with the difference that the fight does not end here even when you lose your car. Your hero can move in his own arenas and eventually take the opponent’s car. There will be 16 drivers to choose from, each with a special car with its own unique abilities. The goal, of course, is to destroy enemies and survive this madness on wheels and on your own. This wild and dangerous futuristic sport naturally focuses primarily on multiplayer for 16 players, but it also offers a story single. Developers from Lucid Games have Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions and previously worked on Bizarre Creations on the Project Gotham Racing series. Other members of the team again took part in the Wipeout series, so they have fast arcades in their blood.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake, 18. března

Players continue to talk about the sequel to the legendary Prince of Persia series virtually non-stop, and the bigger surprise was when Ubisoft finally broke through the wall of silence last year and introduced a remake of one of the most popular episodes – The Sands of Time. However, the joy of the announcement was almost immediately replaced by embarrassment over the visual processing and the mention that the development is led by a duo of Indian branches in Mumbai and Pune. The first trailer introduced a game that bad linguists called acceptable if it were compared to mobile titles, but we wouldn’t see it that badly. The developers from Ubisoft defended the graphic design with reference to the form of the original game, and what’s more, the author of the entire series, Jordan Mechner, also defended the mentioned studies. He said that Ubisoft is in contact with him, and although he himself is not involved in the remake, the developers asked him for advice and comments on some parts. The films in particular, for which, according to Mechner, did not reach the expected qualities in 2003, should improve, but there should be more changes. As a bonus, players will receive the original Prince of 1989 and we are honestly curious how the game will turn out. Judging by the packaging does not pay off and we are still talking about one of the most important brands in game history.

Returnal, March 19

For example, the Finnish studio Housemarque has a great Resogun and has long specialized in arcade events. Now he wants to try to enter the more narrative games again with the roguelike 3rd person Returnal for PlayStation 5, which will be released on March 19. But the developers do not give up their roots and do not deny the history of the team. In this dark sci-fi, the main character Selene, with the help of a player, must survive on an enemy alien planet, where he will fail. But there is a catch. She is resurrected after each death. She is trapped in an endless cycle, from which she cannot be freed even by her own death. So he has to interrupt it. However, each time he wakes up, the planet changes a little. The world gradually becomes part of it, poisoning her mind and memories. The longer he stays here, the more he loses the remnants of his own sanity. She must therefore fight and look for answers – destroy the loop before she destroys it. The main heroine is in complete isolation, an emergency landing takes her to a world that is inhospitable, but was once inhabited by an ancient civilization. In addition to the planet itself, however, the available objects and fights change with each cycle. Although the game clearly does not lack a strong story, the authors promise great replayability as in the case of their older titles.

Humankind, 22. dubna

During April, strategy lovers will receive an increasingly ambitious title. Developers from the Amplitude studio are preparing a 4X Humankind strategy, which has been compared to the legendary Civilization since its launch. But as we have been able to clarify after the recent beta testing, Humankind approaches the development of selected societies and cultures in different ways, and after completing each epoch, it will give players the choice of what other civilization to take care of in the coming age. In other words, Humankind reckons with the fact that empires were created and destroyed over the centuries, which is a new element and works perfectly. It is also interesting that, for example, the built monuments remain on the map and you can meet them many hundreds of years after you built them yourself, and this is logically not the only thing that Humankind attracts to try. The game allows for modifications of its own leader, turn-based battles, real historical events and also pleasant graphics.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends, May 10

Studio Sumo Digital, or its Newcastle office, plans to release Hood: Outlaws & Legends for PC and old and new consoles on May 10. This is a medieval 4v4 PvPvE team tactical action. In the local multiplayer inspired by the legend of Robin Hood, two gangs of players will compete to try to rob a treasure. However, they are not just competing with each other. Against them there are guards controlled by artificial intelligence. Each character has some unique abilities to help you plan and perform the perfect silent action. But if it doesn’t work out otherwise, an open fight will break out. Developers entice us to a dark and violent world, where history will intermingle with mysticism and legends. In addition to taking from the rich and giving to the poor, we also need to improve our own skills, adjust our characters and buy them new weapons. Of course, the release of the game does not end with the release of the game. Hood is to see a rich post launch content – more maps, characters and game modes.

Deathloop, May 21

At the end of May, the Arkane studio, the authors Arx Fatalis, Dishonored and Prey, will take the floor. Their upcoming game is called Deathloop, and although it may not seem very tempting at first glance, let’s not forget the experience of the mentioned team. In Deathloop, moreover, we will be locked in a time loop, which is always a very grateful topic, which, according to the available information, Arkane can handle well. The main character Colt will have to live the same day over and over again, but with the help of the players and his own abilities and weapons, he will try to interrupt the cycle. However, the journey from Blackreef Island leads through the removal of eight dangerous targets, which he must logically manage to manage in that allotted day. What’s more, the situation will be even more complicated when Colt is faced with a killer competition in the form of Julianna, who, for some unknown reason, tries to keep the loop intact at all costs. It is the presence of the second character that opens the possibility to grab it and enter another player’s game in a special invasive mode of asymmetric multiplayer. The advantage of this game should be a sophisticated game world and mechanisms of so-called immersive simulations, just a pity that the game will be exclusive for an indefinite period of time next to the PC for the PlayStation 5. However, it is possible that Deathloop will eventually appear on the Xbox.

Back 4 Blood, June 22nd

The authors of Left 4 Dead from Turtle Rock Studios entice us to the spiritual successor of this popular cooperative event. Here, too, we will face a zombie apocalypse in a horror multiplayer style. Back 4 Blood is due out on June 22 on PCs and old and new consoles, promising cooperation for four players and PvP mode for eight. New are cards that modify some elements of the game. Thanks to them, the game should be more dynamic and more challenging even for veterans. But it will be possible to play without cards. According to the developers, the novelty has to offer more story compared to Left 4 Dead. There are 8 different characters to choose from and a whole host of weapons. In PvP mode, you will also try fighting for the other side, each promising unique gameplay and skills. Turtle Rock Studios naturally attract a lot of replayability and believe that they can build on their triumph in 2008. In recent years, they have not been very lucky and their asymmetric multiplayer action Evolve has not gained ground despite repeated efforts by developers.

We are at the end of another seven games and next time we will be hunting among the titles that entered 2021 only with the vague promise of their release. This year, however, the situation is perhaps even more confusing, and only in the next part can you expect mentions of some really big titles from successful series and game worlds.

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