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Have you seen the sci-fi Waterworld with Kevin Costner in the lead role? Then you have a pretty good idea of ​​what to expect from the new Age of Water MMO. Its authors entice us to the ruthless post-apocalyptic world. Behind the game are developers from The Three Whales Studio, assisted by Gaijin Entertainment (developed by War Thunder, published by Crossout or Enlisted). The title is aimed at the PC and the first alphatest should start soon.

People live in what is left of former cities in places that are high enough to rise above the water’s surface.

Age of Water will take us to the distant future, where Earth has become one big ocean. Its inhabitants live in what is left of the former cities in places that are high enough to rise above the water. Whether it’s the roofs of skyscrapers or the tops of majestic statues.

Players will control their own ship, travel through this wet world, fight pirates and retrieve valuable remnants of a lost civilization from the depths of the oceans. Business and adventure await us. Above all, however, we will try to find out whether dry land is not a myth. What does it just remind me of?

According to them, the authors believe that the player will be interested in exploring the world, its unusual environment, a great deal of freedom and a clear visual style. In Age of Water, players have to complete tasks on their own with the help of friends, gather valuable resources, fight against enemies controlled by artificial intelligence and take advantage of the fact that the same commodities have different prices in different places. Of course, it is possible to upgrade your boat or even build a brand new one, if you have enough necessary components.

But there was not much left after the once noble civilization. Not only materials, but also ideals. The new world is cruel and primitive, as are its means. People still need to feed in the first place, but they have not given up on weapons and wars. Only the strongest will survive, the authors warn.

You can sign up for the alpha test now on the official Age of Water website. If you are lucky, you may find dry ground among the first. Or go to sleep with the fish. But it’s another movie again…

Water world as a game

The film Water World from 1995 received several video games. They were released for PC, SNES, Game Boy and even Virtual Boy. The version for Mega Drive has been removed, as has the other version for the Sega Saturn console. Other incarnations were to arrive on the Atari Jaguar, 3DOr the original PlayStation. Although at first glance it is one Waterworld title based on the film of the same name, there were different authors and a different team behind each version. With regard to the different platforms, the titles also differed greatly in appearance. These games eventually received even more criticism than the original film. The version for Virtual Boy is generally considered to be the worst of the 22 officially released titles for this system.

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