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The Mandalorian is the most downloaded series of 2020

Each streaming platform has its flagship series. Netflix has Narcos or the Marvel series, while Amazon Prime Video has hit the mark with The Boys, totally barred, gore, and enjoyable adaptation of Garth Ennis comics. In fact, when it launched in April 2020, Disney + was in turn to hit hard, with a series powerful enough to attract users and especially keep them.

The big-eared firm went to look for its juiciest and most prestigious license, namely Star wars, to give birth to The Mandalorian, the very first live-action TV series derived from the George Lucas saga. The show led by Jon Favreau, director of the live-action remakes of Lion King, of Jungle Book or the first two Iron-man, has just closed its second season and as much to say that the last episode will have stirred the fans!

And if the continuation of the adventures of the Mandalorian and the Child attracted the attention of Disney + subscribers for several weeks, the same goes for million Internet users around the world. Indeed and depending on the site TorrentFreak, The Mandalorian became the most hacked series in 2020, overtaking the HBO show star: Game Of Thrones.

Just a year ago, the Star Wars series was only third in this ranking. Obviously, the echoes around the second season, and more particularly around the last episode, were enough to boost the number of illegal downloads. The Mandalorian relegate to the passage The Boys Amazon Prime Video in second place. The Protector is not going to be happy. Finally, the formidable series Westworld occupies the third step of the podium.

We then find in the most illegally downloaded series five Netflix series among Vikings, Rick and Morty, The Walking Dead, Arrow and The Flash, and two Amazon Prime Video shows: Star Trek Picard and The Outsider. Note that Disney + is also illustrated in the Film part, since Mulan, a Disney + exclusive, is the most downloaded feature film at the end of 2020.

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