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In the “Homescreen!” series we present the homescreens of people from the social media, marketing, media and tech industries – including app recommendations and tips for everything from to-do lists to small games in between. Today: Claas Voigt, Managing Director of Emetriq.

Claas Voigt: A look at the smartphone of the managing director of Emetriq

My cell phone is a swiss knife. There is actually no area in my life for which I don’t have the right app ready. Starting with the app for tracking my endurance progress in sports to the utilities I need in my job as Managing Director at Emetriq.

All in all, that’s a lot, I’ll admit. 220 in number. As long as an app offers me added value and relief or a certain service for my personal everyday life, I download it to my smartphone. Why not? They even end up on the home screen because I sort my apps there by topic in folders.

I find this easier than swiping for a long time until I find a specific app. But if there’s one area that eats up the most app volume, it’s definitely my smart home. For example, my lawn mower robot has its own app, my weather station, the electronic lock and even my scales. And that’s far from the end.

Privately a heavy app user, professionally a minimalist

When it comes to work, I focus on the essentials and like to keep it a little simple. The app I use the most here by far is Slack (for Android). Especially since I and many of our colleagues are still working remotely most of the time. Many companies in the industry are currently pursuing a back-to-office philosophy.

For me, this is a step back in terms of New Work. What is needed is a certain understanding of whether, when and why people should come together in one place to work. Slack is definitely a tool to keep in touch with colleagues.

In general, however, I sort myself and my thoughts in a professional context in a classic way in a notebook. Offline with pen. In my opinion, there is an art to taking good notes. It helps me immensely to sort my thoughts and ideas in a professional context. No app can offer me that at the moment.

The home screen of Claas Voigt, Managing Director of Emetriq.

Via social media and pointless scrolling

In my free time, I don’t really like spending much time on my cell phone. For apps like Whatsapp (for Android), which allow me to keep in touch with people living far away, I am very grateful and that is probably why I use this app the most. Clear, Twitter (for Android) and Instagram (for Android) are probably also high in the ranking.

However, I try to avoid “pointless scrolling” on social media. I want to stay informed, but I don’t want to waste my free time on social media. That’s how it is for a lot of people around me. One of the reasons that Facebook already had to disappear from my home screen.

With many “digitalos” in my environment, I observe that their social media apps are gradually disappearing completely from their smartphones. It’s not quite that far for me yet, but I can imagine getting there soon.

With my data I finance the content and services that I consume

When it comes to app tracking, location services and the like, I have everything on with full conviction. After all, it’s a deal I have with Google and Co. I share my data, in return they provide me with services free of charge.

I think that’s fair and I’m not afraid to give companies my data. It is the price for the free Internet that is ultimately largely financed by data-driven advertising. In return, I get journalistic services and content as well as services and products.

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