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The list went against Google. He claims compensation of more than 9 billion crowns

The Czech List in writing called on Google to pay for the damage allegedly caused to it by the technology giant. These are not small things. The list demands compensation in the amount of 9.072 billion crowns (almost 345 million euros). He mentions in his blog that Google has restricted competition in Internet search services. More specifically, the List encounters the abuse of Google’s dominant position in the system and in applications for the Android OS.

The list asks Google to pay damages

The list calls for the amount of 9.072 billion Czech crowns for the period 2011 – 2018. This is the period since Android became the dominant system in the Czech Republic. Why only until 2018? Because at that time, the European Commission found Google guilty of unfair competition. Since then, Android also gives new users the choice of which browser they want to use.

“Following a 2018 European Commission decision confirming that Google has violated European Union competition law, we are now seeking damages in our efforts to extend our applications and services to Android mobile devices. , ” Pavel Zima, Chairman of the Board of Directors of, explains and adds that the amount of 9.072 billion crowns claimed by the company was estimated by foreign economic experts for the period 2011-2018. actively seeks to combat obstacles created on the market by cooperating with mobile phone manufacturers. However, it states that it still encounters various obstacles in expanding its applications and services. These are mainly problems that the EU has also pointed out.

“In particular, it is illegal to make access to the Google Play application store conditional on the use of Google search products on mobile devices, Google’s incentives for device manufacturers to pre-install their own applications to the detriment of competitors and, last but not least, hinder the development and distribution of competing Android operating systems. Google has created a sophisticated system of barriers that has prevented Seznam from entering the market for years, in violation of EU law. As a result, the List suffered damage, ” points out Michal Feix, who defends the interests of the List in Brussels.

In the Czech Republic, is a unit in the field of general search services, internet advertising services, advertising monetization, aggregation and presentation of media content. Its revenues exceeded CZK 4.69 billion in 2019 and since 2011 it has earned over 32 billion crowns. currently has a market share of around 25%.

These days, Google received a pre-litigation notice with a 30-day deadline for payment of the requested amount. After the deadline, the List is ready to initiate enforcement through the courts. We will monitor whether the List succeeds in court.

Others are also fighting against Google

A similar duel with Google is waged by its larger global competitor – DuckDuckGo. It is a search engine focused on the privacy of its users. However, he draws attention to all his practices and condemns his search engine auction. It takes place every quarter and the winner will get the first position in the selection of browsers when the new phone is launched for the first time.

What do you think about these fights? Does Google have the right to prioritize its services on the Android operating system, which it ultimately owns and develops? Microsoft has been doing something similar for many years, which uses its Bing search engine in its system, as well as in its programs – for example in Microsoft Edge.

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