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The Last Campfire

You have already figured out how the next Hello Games project will look like. At No Man’s Sky, they will not last forever, even though they do not stop making major updates pushing the gameplay back a bit further. In the studio, he really does something new. Something much less ambitious, yet very interesting. It is the adventure of The Last Campfire.

No Fear. The further development of a large space sandbox is virtually unimpeded. At The Last Campfire, there are two developers from Hello Games – Chris Symonds and Steven Burgess. Sean Murray’s boss will just hit the scene, but he is not actively involved in development.

A nice trailer of that about The Last Campfire does not reveal much and neither does the steam page go into too much details. A cute maňáska character is lost in a strange world filled with puzzles from which he tries to escape.

“Just like Pixar’s shorts, this is the way to boost creativity and new members of the studio,” said Sean Murray PC Gamer, adding: “I am proud that our two creators were able to create something so artistically interesting, but also entertaining and unique. It reminds me of why I love work at Hello Games. ”

The inspiration for the game is not only from LostWinds, but it was also looking for great pieces like Journey, The Witness and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. We like other smaller projects. Not everything must be too megalomaniac. It eliminates, among other things, a possible degree of disappointment. If the Last Campfire is really fun and unique, we’ll learn next year,

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