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SNK’s The King of Fighters series may not be as well-known and popular in our country as Street Fighter, Virtu Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken or Soulcalibur, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s not important. Almost five years after the release of the fourteen SNKs, they present The King of Fighters XV, which was formally announced in December 2018. And now we have the first video and pictures.

The game will look and sound like it was not possible with the fourteen yet, the team claims.

The Battle of The King of Fighters XV should be released later this year, but we don’t know the target platforms yet. The developers want to reveal more details on January 10, including another trailer. But we have already learned that the game will look and sound like it was not possible with the fourteen yet, the team claims.

Speaking of which, the new Ultimate Edition KOF14 for PlayStation 4 has been available since yesterday. It contains a total of 58 fighters, including 8 characters from the DLC, other costumes and 10 themes for the PS4. Fans can also look forward to new updates for the latest part of Samurai Shodown from 2019, which is naturally another popular fighting game from SNK.

The King of Fighters XV already has an official website, but you won’t find much on it yet. The funny candy at the whole revelation was the fact that SNK decided to postpone the premiere of the video at the last minute. But then they missed the screenshots through a press release that someone forgot to stop, and in the end we got the official trailer.

As already mentioned, the previous episode – The King of Fighters XIV – debuted in 2016. The game was received very well. The oldest part, on the other hand, had its premiere in 1994. The branched saga had its own comics, cards, animators and a film adaptation from 2010, which, however, turned out very badly.

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