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The iPhone XR, a flop It’s bullshit according to Tim Cook

Tim Cook spoke with Jim Cramer in his CNBC broadcast “Mad Money”. The iPhone XR, presented as a flop by some analysts and media, was a topic of conversation.

The iPhone XR, a flop, really? “I say baloney. I call it crap. Let me tell you how I see things. Here is the truth, what are the facts. Since we started selling the iPhone XR, it has been the most popular iPhone everyday, every day since we started marketing it, until now “says the boss of Apple. He admits, however, that he would like to sell more “and we are working on that” he said. Should we understand that the iPhone XR, although it sells well, is not at the level of estimates Apple?

In the following interview, Tim Cook says not to focus on iPhone sales every quarter. “It’s very, very, very far in my list. The fact is that if someone decides to buy an iPhone a little later, because of the battery, the huge discount we gave, then he will think a little longer, I’m fine with that ” says Tim Cook. “I want the customer to be happy. We work for them. The important thing is that they are happy. Because if they are happy, they will eventually replace this product with another one. And the services and the ecosystem that surround them will prosper “continues the leader. He adds that Apple seeks to create “the best product that enriches people’s lives” and not the least expensive.

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