The iPhone 13 Pro costs $ 570 to produce for a sale price of 1,109 euros

During its design, the iPhone 13 Pro costs Apple $ 570. A more expensive production than an iPhone 12 Pro. However, the two smartphones are sold at the same price on the brand’s website.

Buying an iPhone in 2021 is expensive. The catalog of Apple phones has never been so supplied with 24 different models for a wide enough price range. Website TechInsights reveals the production cost of the flagship of the new range. A single iPhone 13 Pro costs the company $ 570. For comparison, the iPhone 12 Pro cost $ 548 per unit while a Samsung Galaxy S21 + cost $ 508 in production.

With the iPhone 13 Pro, Apple indirectly suffers the global component shortage

The new generation of iPhone, the American manufacturer brings its share of innovations. With the Apple A15 Bionic processor, new photo sensors or even the refresh rate at 120 Hz, the iPhone 13 Pro offers several improvements. You even have more generous battery than the previous range. It’s nice to see that Apple is not passing on the price of its new model. Indeed the 13 Pro is at a starting price of 1109 euros exactly like the iPhone 12 Pro.

The price increase is much smaller compared to the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 transition. At that time, Apple also changed the structure of its phones and offered a 5G modem in the technical sheet. The figure of $ 570 does not relate to all the expenses made by the builder. Between the salaries of the employees, the investment in Research and Development or even the marketing, the margin made by the manufacturer is not as important.

Apple is still comfortable. Indeed, the range of iPhone 12 was the most popular of the manufacturer generating by the same the largest turnover ever achieved by the brand. Do not imagine that the firm of Tim Cook is cutting back on its profits by building the iPhone 13.

Source: TechInsights

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