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The iPhone 13 crushes the smartphone market among American operators

LiPhone 13 continues to do better than previous generations of iPhone, at least among major US carriers. JP Morgan analyst Samik Chatterjee compiled US carrier data for the month of May, and the iPhone 13 scores are nothing short of dazzling, and more importantly, still up from April.

Thus, the market share of the iPhone at AT&T is 66% (ie only 34% for Samsung and the other manufacturers!), 60% at Verizon and 57% at T-Mobile. It’s huge, and it’s well beyond the percentages achieved by previous iPhone models.

Better still, 3/4 of American operators claim that the iPhone is the model that attracts the most switchers (Android users in short), with Samsung’s Galaxy playing the role of attracting iOS users on the Android side. In absolute value, however, the number of switchers would be balanced on both sides (only 5% of operators believe that the switch is favorable to Android).

If we take all the operators (not just the 3 main ones), the market share by iPhone model breaks down as follows: the iPhone 13 is at 25% for the month of May, followed by 16% iPhone 13 Pro Max, 13% iPhone 13 Pro and only 2% iPhone 13 mini. The other iPhone models barely represent 4% of market share, while iPhone SE 3 sales are expected to remain fairly low.

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