the iPhone 12 mini after 4 months of use

It has now been about four months since Apple presented its latest iPhones, including the small and lightning-fast iPhone 12 mini. You can read how that device works after a few months of use in this second impression.

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Second impression of the iPhone 12 mini

In November we published our review of the iPhone 12 mini and in the conclusion we mentioned, among other things, that this is the phone that many Apple enthusiasts had been waiting for for years. The price has dropped slightly in recent months, which makes the device a bit more attractive, but sales are, according to some rumors, quite disappointing. In this second impression, you can therefore read all our experiences that we have gained in recent months.

Design: small and fine, but not that chic

After using the iPhone 12 mini for a while I’m still amazed about the cuteness factor. The device is small, narrow, thin and that is something I have not seen or used for years. That, in combination with the hardware and features (more on that later), simply makes it a unique device.

The straight edges of the housing provide extra grip and irritation less than with the larger iPhone 12, which is therefore better to use with two hands. These have a matte finish, which ensures a sleek appearance. This does not apply to the shiny back, which is made of glass. Fingerprints already appear when you look at them, although this is less the case for the matte camera module.

iphone 12

OLED screen is beautiful, edges and notch are too big

We are still very pleased with the screen of the iPhone 12 mini. After all, it is an OLED display, which ensures that colors splash off the screen and black is displayed really well. As far as we are concerned, that type of screen is one sparrowt in every device, but especially in this price range.

Together with the high resolution of 2340 by 1080 pixels, it ensures that photos, movies, websites, apps and games look sharp. Where the iPhone 12 mini scores less well, and many high-end Android phones, for example, much better, is the refresh rate of the screen.

Apple (unfortunately) opts for 60Hz screens for the iPhone 12 series, which means that they refresh 60 times per second. If you look at Android country, a device with a 60Hz screen can only be found in the budget segment. Smartphones that cost half the price of the iPhone 12 mini already come with 90Hz or even 120Hz screens. This makes these phones feel faster and smoother.

Also a pity are the screen edges and notch. Of course that is (also) a matter of taste, but in 2020 and 2021 we find that points in which Android manufacturers are also leading the way. Whereas years ago Apple was the market leader in the introduction of new features, design and functions, this is really not always the case now.

Fine, but limited cameras

The iPhone 12 mini has a total of three cameras, each with a resolution of 12 megapixels. At the front you will find the selfie camera, with which you can shoot or FaceTime great selfies. A wide angle and ultra wide angle lens are placed on the back. This usually takes a good snapshot, as we are used to from Apple.

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