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The horror series 30 Silver on HBO GO will get you. Have you seen him yet?

HBO GO regularly serves us relatively high-quality series, one of the last being the horror act of 30 silver. This is a Spanish series and it can be seen that in this country he simply knows horror. The proof can be older works like the Others or the REC series. So what is the series about?

Editor’s note

We are writing about tips for interesting Netflix or HBO GO series because it is becoming increasingly popular to watch them on phones and tablets. Sometimes we play the series ourselves in bed or in the car. It occurred to us because we could share our tips with you. Applications for both platforms are available on Google Play.

Horror series 30 silver on HBO GO

Priest Vergara, a former prisoner, boxer and exorcist flees from his dark past, finds refuge with the Devil. However, he gives him a relatively unconventional task – to find a very rare treasure, namely one of the thirty coins for which Judas betrayed Jesus Christ. The devil claims that he is now ready to stand up and is much better prepared. Vergara is deported by the church to a small town for his actions, where he is to serve as a priest. Later it turns out that coins really have their power.

30 Stříbrných – Series for HBO GO (CZ) trailer

In addition to the priest himself, the main roles include veterinarian Elena and mayor of Paco. All three main protagonists find out how powerful the coins are and begin to realize what they can do. It would be a great pity to spoil anything for you. Let’s just tell you that we’ve seen all 4 parts so far and they’re all absolutely great, whether it’s its atmosphere, well-written script or great acting. The series currently holds its 75% at ČSFD, which is actually quite good for horror.

What do you say to this series?

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