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Current days not only bring information about the most anticipated titles from the largest companies, but the place is also for various attractions. And one of them that deserves space is undoubtedly the non-traditional handheld Playdate with a handle, which we have already informed about on the Vortex several times during its development. Its manufacturer has now revealed when it will launch pre-orders, how much it will eventually cost, and showed the first batch of games.

It will be possible to order the equipment during July (we do not know the exact date yet) and the company will deliver it to customers later this year. At the moment, the first batch of 20,000 pieces is being produced, which Panic hopes will cover the initial demand. The Playdate will eventually sell for $ 179, which is $ 30 more than the manufacturer originally announced. However, players can look forward to 24 games in the first season, which is twice as much as they were originally supposed to get with a handheld. The device also eventually has twice the storage space – 4 GB instead of two.

Katamari Damacy’s father is preparing for Crankin’s Time Travel Adventure

New titles will be released each week in pairs. These are supposed to be exclusive pieces, but often by various well-known developers. We already know most of the introductory offer and you can explore it in a special presentation. The author of Papers, Please and Return of the Giant Dinn Lucas Pope, for example, works on Mars After Midnight. Pope, who likes minimalist graphics, praises the device, but obviously is not far from developing yet. Katamari Damacy’s father is preparing Crankin’s Time Travel Adventure again.

Panic also announced the new Playdate Stereo Dock, which charges the device and expands its sound capabilities. And it also works as a pen holder, which is part of it. There will also be a simple editor for Playdate Pulp and Playdate Cover, or a plastic cover for $ 29.

Playdate has a 2.7 ”black and white screen with a resolution of 400 × 240 pixels. In addition to the cross controller and two buttons, it is also controlled by an unconventional handle. Authors can use it, but they don’t have to if they don’t want to. Developers are also allowed to sell their games outside the handheld ecosystem, and players upload them to the device themselves. No jailbreak will be required. Playdate also has a headphone port, USB-C port, Wi-Fi and Buetooth connectivity.

The device was first announced in 2019. Its very name suggests that games will be delivered to customers on certain dates. Until now, Panic has specialized in programs for iOS and Mac. But a few years ago, she also started publishing games. Firewatch or Untitled Goose Game were released under her wings. Playdate is created in collaboration with the Swedish company Teenage Engineering. The display is supplied by Sharp. It should be very fast, have great viewing angles and visibility in different lighting conditions.

More information about the Playdate handheld can be found on the official website.

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