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The Grand Tour Game

You have probably heard about the ending of the old good Top Gear and its restoration with new moderators (who are constantly changing). The original trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May made their own show The Grand Tour with decent funding from Amazon. There were three series, of which the last one starts on January 18th. But three days before, the The Grand Tour Game will be released on the consoles.

It makes sense. Even Top Gear has his own games and he has appeared for example in Forze. This is a nice service for fans who get the opportunity to ride in the beautiful cars and the strange creations of the trio they have seen or just see on their TV screens in the feature show. Service may be best, but it still depends on the quality of the game itself.

There is no studio with the name but the Amazon Game Studios. That was announced yesterday by the trio of Crucible, New World and Breakaway games, the last of which was canceled and we do not know much about the other two. The Grand Tour Game will be the first game to emerge from their stable on January 15.

The game concept of a well-received show intends to copy events of some of the three seasons. As you reveal the first trailer and the surrounding pictures, you will go to the Porsche 918 Spyder sting, you will try the famous Rimac, in which Hammond has been knocked down, but it will also be the case for “home-made” vehicles

early pre-ordering of the game. So if you’re looking for a wheelchair from a Lady firefighting car, beach buggies, and something really gentle on nature, head to the store where you can reach the PS4 and Xbox One for $ 30.

In the game, cars and locations from the TV series will be waiting for you, with new attractions coming together with new third season releases. The Grand Tour Game will even offer a four-player splitscreen to entertain you in the imitation of the show

So this game promises. Real fun is reversed from the riding model and gameplay. Probably in this case we can not expect a title competing for such a Forze Horizon 4, but it can still be a solid race with the admiration of craving fun. However, it can be the same as many other marketing projects that just have to make up for a bit of money (see Super Street: The Game for a magazine of the same name)

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