The Gmail Android app gets new search filters

If you regularly use Gmail on your phone and computer, you know that the mobile app is very handy, but unfortunately, unlike its “larger” version, it doesn’t have a lot of useful features. However, Google is trying them gradually introduceas far as it goes. Recent examples include the implementation of Chat or Meetings. Now with the developers focused on search filters, which already in the application will allow you to find the required messages more efficiently.

Filters will appear below the line, which you can just click to see first the last search and then the results according to the information you entered. It will still be available as you enter text into the field panel with filtering by address or name of sender and recipient, date of sending or attachment. When searching by sender, messages from multiple people can also be displayed.


The news will arrive as part of a regular Gmail update, but we can wait a few weeks for it. It is being introduced from September 20 and all users should see it by the end of October at the latest.

How do you search Gmail now?

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