The Galaxy S22 Ultra Pen is said to be “fast” after hell

When Samsung officially put the Note phone series to sleep, many fans passed the news mainly because they liked the slightly different design of these devices as well as native support. Electronic Pen With Pen including the possibility of fitting into the body of the smartphone. As we have seen with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the former exclusive pen support (excluding tablets) has finally been broken, and now the situation is even such that model Galaxy S22 Ultra takes over from the “nout” mentioned properties, including its own slot. Recent speculation suggests that the S Pen will be pretty “fast” with this new mobile phone.

At that speed, in fact, the response to touches and the latency of subsequent reactions are meant. Samsung reportedly managed to reduce time to value 2.8 millisecondswhich is a third of the value of the Galaxy Note20 Ultra. A new electronic pen for the expected flag mobile phone could therefore be made drastically bring closer the impression of writing with a real pen. We’ll see if the value is true.

What do you say to the leaked information about the Galaxy S22 series?

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