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The Galaxy S21 + is revealed in video with a benchmark

The leaks continue for the Galaxy S21. Today we have the right to a video that present the Galaxy S21 +, while Samsung has not even officially announced its new range yet.

The video, posted by YouTuber Random Stuff 2, shows that the Galaxy S21 + has somewhat thinner bezels than the Galaxy S20 +. We can also see that there is change at the rear. The back is now matte black and is rumored to be plastic. So far, Samsung’s Galaxy Ss have had a shiny back.

The author of the video talks briefly about the photos with the new smartphone from Samsung. According to him, blue and green don’t look natural. This is not so much of a surprise in itself, as Samsung has a reputation for making saturation changes.

We are also entitled to a benchmark of the Galaxy S21 + with the Geekbench application. The smartphone scores 1,115 with one processor core and 3,326 with all cores. In comparison, the Galaxy S20 + gets 829 and 3,087 respectively.

The model tested here has the Snapdragon 888 chip. This will only be for a few countries, like the United States. In Europe we will have the Exynos 2100.

Samsung will present its three Galaxy S21s on January 14 if the leaks are good. Marketing would take place on January 29.

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