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the Galaxy M12 is very similar to the Galaxy A42 5G

Samsung will launch a likely new phone in early 2021: the Galaxy M12. What seems? This device is very similar to the Galaxy A42, Samsung’s first affordable 5G smartphone.

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‘Samsung Galaxy M12 renders released’

OnLeaks took an exclusive look into the future and discovered the upcoming Samsung Galaxy M12. The first thing that strikes you is that this device has a number of similarities with the recently unveiled Galaxy A42 5G.

The renders from OnLeaks show that the new Samsung device, just like the A42 5G, will have a flat screen. This choice alone makes both devices very similar. In addition, the screens also have approximately the same dimensions. For example, the good predicts that the M12 is equipped with a 6.5-inch screen.

You see another similarity with the cameras. Both devices have a square camera hump on the back, containing four lenses. With the Galaxy A42 5G, each camera has a unique feature. With the wide-angle lens you can, for example, shoot good pictures with a wider angle of, for example, landscapes or architecture.

With the macro lens you can quickly take good photos of insects or flower buds. It is hoped that the new device also has these various camera options. However, it is still too early to make any definite statements about this.

Differences between the Galaxy A42 5G and Galaxy M12

The specifications of the Galaxy M12 are still unclear, but there is a lot to be said about the design. For example, the plastic back of the Galaxy M12 is slightly different than usual. The device has a striped relief on the top half. The bottom half of the back, on the other hand, is smooth and shiny. The back is so similar to what we saw earlier with, for example, the Google Pixel 3 from 2018.

Samsung Galaxy M12

Another striking difference is the placement of the fingerprint scanner. With the M12, this is incorporated in the on and off button on the right side of the device. With the A52, the scanner is located below the screen. It is still unclear what the Samsung Galaxy M12 will cost. The Galaxy M11, which recently appeared in the Netherlands, has a suggested retail price of 159 euros.

More about the Galaxy A42

The Galaxy A42 is Samsung’s first affordable 5G device. The device has a large AMOLED screen, which makes the colors splash off the screen. The phone also has many camera options. Only the refresh rate, with 60 Hz, is a bit on the low side. Several other devices in the same price range have a screen that refreshes 90 times per second. The higher this frequency, the smoother the device feels.

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