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The FTC warns against the misuse of the word “AI” in marketing products and campaigns

AI (artificial intelligence) is present everywhere today, proof that certain technologies that were thought to be linked to a simple niche market can quickly be democratized. This popularity also has its downside: the AI ​​is indeed sometimes a little TOO present, to the point that the word is used to sell anything and everything, a drift denounced by the FTC in a blog post. The American regulator believes that AI is also “a marketing term, and that term is all the rage right now; and we at the FTC know that some advertisers can’t help but abuse the marketing hype.”

The FTC then pretends to question the unscrupulous manufacturers – “Does your product really use AI technologies? » – a question that looks a bit like a threat: the FTC can indeed launch investigations in order to verify, for example, that a device supposedly operating with AI does indeed have this type of software technology (latest generation chatbot, machine learningetc.). “When an investigation is conducted, FTC specialists and others can look under the hood to verify your claims” notify the regulator. Will this call to order be dissuasive enough? Nothing is less certain in view of the proliferation of products supposed to work with AI (only sensible).

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