The fraudsters have set up a site that pretends to be a LIDL contest

The portal draws attention to an imaginary competition with the Lidl chain of stores. The well-known sales network does not organize any competitions with unknown brands. To be sure, always check your prizes and competitions on the official Lidl website or on the official Facebook page.

How do you get into fraud?

Fake competitions are organized by mostly unknown sites, which you can already recognize by their name. Their goal is to confuse the user with photos and various brands. Creating misleading quizzes and such competitions is a criminal offense. Misuse of a company name and impersonation of a brand is also illegal.

Keep in mind the security of the Internet, because these sites illegally obtain your data, payment data after logging in and plan to rob you. As already mentioned, Lidl organizes competitions only on its official Facebook, or on the website and nowhere else. Stocks and competitions mostly concern purchases and not fictitious cash prizes and the like.


The picture shows us a photo that is several years old. The date of May 14, 2021 already suggests an old competition from the Lidl chain. The profiles of the people involved in this scam can also be seen. If you look closely at the picture, you can see that the second answer to the question is total nonsense.

How to avoid such misleading sites?

You can only get to these pages using a link from a fraudster, who you can often find on Facebook, but also various other websites. Scammers pay for ads, and they can reach you through the Display Network. Even if the competitions look real, after connecting and entering the basic data, the page will ask for various information. Then many people succumb and are manipulated and deceived. We recommend that you do not click on unknown pop-up windows with contest ads, and always check the information on the official store website to be sure. You can read a lot of other useful information in our article on Internet safety.

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