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The forgotten phone: Alcatel OT-606 Chat

Alcatel has been operating in the telephony market for a long time. Now with smartphones, years ago with ‘normal’ phones. A real eye-catcher was the Alcatel OT-606 Chat. A special device in cool colors and a full keyboard.

Alcatel OT-606 Chat

For this edition of ‘The forgotten phone’ we go back to the year 2010. Almost eleven years ago, the originally French manufacturer Alcatel released a striking device. It was the Alcatel OT-606 Chat, a device that stood out in several areas. In the first place because the device was colored black with bright green-yellow accents. In addition, it was also available in striking pink, purple, red, white and blue. In second place because of the extendable QWERTY keyboard that you could slide out from under the device. This keyboard consisted of three rows.

The Alcatel OT-606 Chat, where the abbreviation OT stood for OneTouch in full, had a 2.2 inch screen on board. You could not touch it, but only operate it with the buttons. The screen offered a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. Furthermore, the OT-606 was equipped with 4MB of storage space. Fortunately, you could expand this with a memory card. The 0.3 megapixel VGA camera let you capture photos, although the quality at the time left something to be desired. We also saw on the Alcatel Bluetooth, an FM radio and a 670 mAh battery.

Alcatel OT-606 chat

The device was not very popular in the Netherlands. The OT-606 was mainly sold in conjunction with a prepaid package. The price of the phone was a few tens, around 50 euros.

Alcatel OT-606 Chat summarized in 3 points:

  • Retractable QWERTY keyboard
  • 2.2 inch screen
  • Very striking colors

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