The foreword to the Boekenweek: e-books with a big discount

The Boekenweek has been moved to the summer of 2021 and yet from 6 to 14 March we will experience a ‘week full of books’ called The Preface of the Boekenweek. In this context we have found a number of nice e-books that are currently 50% or more discounted on

Book week

The Collective Propaganda of the Dutch Book Foundation (CPNB) has decided in connection with corona to move the Boekenweek to the summer, when the bookstores and libraries are fully open again. Nevertheless, the CPNB wants to support the already severely affected bookshop in the coming period and that is why it is organizing The foreword to the Boekenweek: “There is no Book Week, but a week full of books.”

We have already listed a number of fun, exciting and interesting Dutch-language books for you with which you can spend your time useful and support the bookstore and writers. Put Instagram and Facebook aside, download one of these 5 free apps to read e-books on your Android phone and enjoy yourself!

E-books from 50% discount

  • Jelle Hermus – More and more fun – from 11.99 euros – for 5.99 euros
  • Tommie Niessen – Tommie in healthcare – from 9.99 – for 4.99 euros
  • Jurgen Bulterman – Dark Mastery – from 8.99 – for 4 euros
  • Marcel Bullinga – Everyone on the robot! – from 10.99 – for 4.99 euros
  • Mirjam van der Vegt – Silent diary – from 14.99 – for 7.49 euros
  • Jolande Withuis – Juliana – from 11.99 – for 4.99 euros
  • RGJ van Iperen – Foam of the earth – from 9.99 – for 4.99 euros
  • Hans Fiers – Through your eyes – from 12.99 – for 4.99 euros
  • Julienne Brouwers – Dubbel Deceit – from 8.99 – for 3.99 euros
  • Selma van de Perre – My name is Selma – from 11.99 – for 4.99 euros
  • Tomas Ross – For Queen and Fatherland – from 12.99 – for 4.99 euros
  • Susan Smit – Gisele – from 8.99 – for 3.99 euros
  • Thijs Panneman – Structuring with 5S – from 3.99 – for 0.99 euros
  • Pacelle van Goethem – Selling ice cream to Eskimos – from 9.99 – for 4.99 euros

Is there something for you? Should we place such lists with discounted e-books on Androidworld more often? Let us know in the comments below this article. Kobo - reading ebooks Kobo – reading ebooks

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