The first smartphone with a selfie sensor under the display in photo quality disappointed

Technologies are advancing unstoppably and year after year we are witnessing new innovations in the field of smartphones. This is no different with cameras that have tried many locations in recent years. The company also came up with an extravagant solution ZTE, which was the first to bring a smartphone with a camera under the display. However, this solution is not the happiest in terms of photo quality.

ZTE Axon 20 5G received the second worst rating in the DxOMark test

The fact that the cameras under the display still have their flies shown in the case of a smartphone ZTE Axon 20 5G also the DxOMark test. The model unexpectedly placed at the bottom of the table, with a score of a weak 26 points and managed to overcome only such a cheap device from Intex from India. The score of the smartphone placed above the Axon 20 5G was even twice as high. reports that the photos were said to have a lot of noise, to reproduce skin tones unnaturally, to have a low dynamic range and to have general lighting and color problems. The portraits contained a number of problems with depth and small details. The videos shot with the front camera, which suffered from the same ailments as the photos, were no better.

The biggest problem with selfie cameras under the display is that less light falls into the camera’s sensor than a conventional camera. This is because light must pass between small gaps. ZTE increased the amount of light penetrated so that the display area above the camera had a lower resolution than the rest of the screen, and this also results in a slight fog.

Xiaomi could allegedly come up with a solution to this problem, without losing the resolution at the location of the camera. also states that this technology should alleviate the problem of lack of light falling on the sensor. Unfortunately, Xiaomi doesn’t talk much about this technology, and at this stage we just have to wait for it to develop further.

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